International short film festival


V international short film festival Kinematic Shorts will premiere on 5th of December, 2020.

Viewers will have the opportunity to vote for the best of the six short films in competition. Voting will be active from the day of the festivals' premiere.

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Сезон 2020

  • I'll end up in jail Alexandre Dostie / Canada
  • Çerçeve Mert Sata, Berk Sata / Turkey
  • Da Yie Anthony Nti / Ghana, Belgium
  • ANNA Dekel Berenson / UK, Ukraine
  • BAD HAIR Oskar Lehemaa / Estonia
  • ARE YOU HUNGRY? Teemu Niukkanen / Finland

Please welcome six short films from Kinematic Shorts-2020 festival competition! Watch the best narrative shorts and vote for the exeptional one.